Guided tour of underground Rome

Entrance to hidden rooms

Basilica of Saint Clemente and of Saints John and Paul

2 hours
Proprietà: Condivise, Private
on request
Pets not allowed

Archaeological sites hidden for centuries resurface telling ancient stories of another Rome.

What we will visit

  • Discover the hidden part of Rome
  • Hear the guide’s tales about these secret places
  • Travel through time in the underground levels of the basilicas



10:30 - 11:30

Visit the Basilica of Saint Clemente

  • Meet the guide at the meeting point, entrance to the Basilica of Saint Clemente.

The visit starts from the Basilica of Saint Clemente, dedicated to the third successor of Peter who died around 100 AD.

We will be able to admire its splendid mosaic of the apse with a golden background made around 1100, the polychrome marble floor in perfect Cosmatesque style, the 1299 tabernacle and the fifteenth-century paintings of the Chapel of Saint Catherine.

  • Visit to the underground levels

In 1857, Father Joseph Mullooly began an excavation search which brought to light two levels of buildings below as evidence of the beauty and historical importance of this site.

The first, older, dates back to the first century where you can admire buildings from the imperial era, one of which is a residential building known among scholars as the Mithraeum building.

The second instead is placed between the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th century where the apse wall and some portions of frescoes of considerable historical and artistic interest are still visible, including a painting with transcriptions of “colorful” phrases that constitute an first example of vulgar Italian language.

11:30 - 12:30

Visit of the Basilica of Saints John and Paul

A ten minute walk will take us to the Basilica of the Saints John and Paul.

  • Entrance to the Basilica of the Saints John and Paul.

The Basilica is dedicated to two Roman Christian officers, John and Paul, who were killed by the Emperor Julian the Apostate in the year 362. Tradition has it that the Basilica stands in the place where their home was and where the two martyrs were buried.

  • Visit the rooms below

In the basement of the Basilica, underground rooms were found in 1887 by Father Germano from San Stanislao who was looking for the tomb of the martyrs John and Paul.

He found twenty painted rooms, belonging to at least five different buildings dating back to dates ranging from the 1st to the 4th century AD. constituting one of the best preserved complexes of residential buildings from the imperial age: the original frescoes and mosaics in the arches of the windows are still visible.

A place that will allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the environments of ancient Rome and make us relive the everyday life of thousands of years ago.

We will end the visit in the square in front of the church.


Included/not included

The excursion includes:

  • professional guide
  • entrance to the Basilicas
  • entrance to the levels below

    This tour is on request for individuals and groups.

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