Terms of Contract

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Terms of Contract


Felix Tours is the branch of SOS Travel specialized in the organization of tours and excursions in Italy, with a particular focus on Rome and Roman Castels. For the organization it makes use of SOS Travel Srl.

The contract is regulated by the following provisions, as well as by the tourism legislation of the Italian Republic and the European Union.

SOS Travel has signed an ERV health care policy No. 64500074.

The policy covers the reimbursement of medical expenses, personal assistance and baggage insurance for all traveling customers of Italian nationality or residence, with a maximum of 90 years of age.

ERGO cancellation insurance No. 64500073 is optionally available to be taken out at the time of booking. SOS Travel has signed an ERGO civil liability policy Nr. 64500069. SOS Travel adheres to the Guarantee Fund of the Travel Agencies Group and compliant with art. 50 of the Tourism Code (Legislative Decree no.79 of 23.05.2011) and the EU Directive 2015/2302 of 5.11.2015.

SOS Travel reserves the right to modify these rules and condi- tions without notice when such modifications become neces- sary due to changes in market conditions, for changes in the legislative or regulatory context or, finally, in the event of chang- es in the risk factor to SOS Travel in relation to the provision of the Service. The updated version of the rules and conditions will always be available on the web page www.felix.tours/condizioni/


The customer expressly accepts the contractual conditions, in particular: points 4 (payments),

9 (cancellation by the customer), 10 (cancellation of force ma- jeure), 11 (our responsibility) and declares to have the valid ex- patriation documents at the time of travel. This contract is fully valid upon receipt of payment by the customer.


1) Reservation:

No contract will be established between the customer and SOS Travel until the moment in which:

SOS Travel will have received the entire advance payment for the trip (or the deposit) by bank transfer, credit card or other electronic system provided;

SOS Travel will have confirmed to the buyer by means of an au- tomatic email associated with the booking number as provided for in point 6 of the contractual conditions.

2) Time of arrival and departure

Arrival at the airport must be consistent with the contractual conditions of the airlines used for the trip. The time of arrival at the airport and departure will be specified in the summary of the trip sent to the customer as required by point 6

The hotel accommodation or other accommodation will be avail- able to customers normally from 2.00 pm on the day of arrival until 12.00 am on the day of departure.

3) Currency

Prices are expressed in EURO.

4) Payments

SOS Travel only accepts payments in euros made with the fol- lowing systems: bank transfer, credit card and other electronic system provided. All the offers in the brochure that do not need

a personalized quote must be paid in full in advance. SOS Travel undertakes to confirm the trip within 6 hours of receiving the payment. In case of credit card payments, confirmation is im- mediate. In case of non-confirmation, no cost is charged to the customer and the transaction will be canceled. Failure to pay the above sums on the established dates will constitute an express termination clause, such as to determine the cancellation of the trip, with the application of the related penalties.

5) Individual travel reservations

Individual trips are the travel packages available in brochure and through the automatic booking system of the website www.felix.tours, or on quotations on request. In particular, the

offers that provide for online bookings with flights included or only ground services.

The booking of individual trips takes place by choosing the de- sired trip, completing all the data required by the system and paying by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or payment to the agency. In the event that the data provided is incorrect (name and surname of travelers) SOS Travel declines all responsibility, however, undertaking to correct the error as far as possible. The penalties provided by the airlines for incorrect data will be re- quested from the customer. In case of booking through an affiliated travel agent, SOS Travel will send a confirmation invoice of the booking with payment dates and a summary of the services. This contract remains valid towards the final customer. In the event of non-payment by the end customer and / or intermediary travel agent, the provi- sions of point 1 remain in force.

6) Confirmation of the trip

Once the purchase procedure is completed, the customer receives an initial email confirming the booking of the trip. A second confirmation email will follow within the next six hours (working days 09.00 – 18.00) and in any case no later than 24 hours. If the trip cannot be confirmed, the full amount of the trip will be immediately credited back to the credit card / current ac- count used for the payment. Nothing is due to SOS Travel, which may however contact the customer for alternative proposals.

7) Travel documents

The travel documents will be sent later to the email of the main contact. In the case of the purchase of travel with flights in- cluded, the use of the trip is subject to sending to SOS Travel via email, fax or telephone the details of a valid document for expatriation (identity card or passport) of each traveler.

8) Transferability

Should the customer be unable to utilize the designated servic- es, he/she may request to transfer their reservation to another person who shall take over the same itinerary or tourist service.

The new traveler will have to bear the costs for changing the name on the flight ticket and € 30 for administrative costs, while also taking over the agreement with SOS travel on the same terms as the original booking. This request must be sent to SOS Travel in writing, by email or by fax. The change of traveler will be considered valid only after the customer has received writ- ten confirmation from SOS Travel. SOS Travel will not be held responsible for any non-acceptance of the name change by one or more suppliers.

The renouncing traveler and the new traveler are both responsible for paying the balance and for any additional fees. 9) Cancellation by the customer From the moment you receive the travel confirmation, it is not possible to cancel the trip without undergoing the following


– non-refundable airline ticket

– hotel cost refundable according to the conditions communicated to the customer at the time of confirmation.

– cost of the refundable excursions according to the conditions

communicated to the customer at the time of confirmation.

– if SOS Travel does not communicate any cancellation policies or penalties in the travel confirmation email, the entire amount is non-refundable.

10) Modification or cancellation of the package or tourist service

before departure by the organizer In the event that SOS Travel needs to significantly modify one or more terms of the contract, it will immediately notify the customer in writing / via email, indicating the type of modification and the consequent variation in the price.

In the case of:

– the price increase is at least 10% higher than previously established;

– the modified elements of the contract can be configured as basic for the purpose of satisfactory use of the tourist pack- age;

– the customer will be entitled to terminate the contract and consequently receive a refund of the amount paid in advance, or take advantage of an alternative service of equal or higher cost without additional charges; in addition, should the second package have a lower cost, the customer will be reimbursed of the difference.

The customer must give communication of acceptance, change or withdraw no later than two working days from the moment he has been notified of the change. In the absence of express

notice within aforementioned period, the proposal formulated by the organizer is considered accepted.

For justified reasons, a price increases within 10% of the contractual value or minor changes to the travel program do not lead to the cancellation of the contract that remains in force with the changes approved unilaterally by the organizer who must give written notice to the customer. Trip cancellation

-Force majeure: There is the possibility that the booking must be canceled by us for reasons of “force majeure” that are be- yond our control and that cannot be avoided despite attention and care. Such events may include episodes of war, threat of war, riots, civil war, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disas- ters, government indications, adverse climatic conditions and more generally all those events that remain beyond our control.

In such cases we regret that we cannot recognize any refunds, including any costs or expenses incurred by you, nor recognize any compensation.

11) Our responsibility.

In its capacity as travel organizer, the responsibility of SOS Trav-el towards the passenger and his /her belongings is governed by laws and international conventions that regulate the liability of travel agencies, ratifying of the International Convention of Brussels of 23/04/ 1970 applicable from the moment of verification and validation of such responsibility. The responsibility of SOS Travel cannot, in any case, exceed the limits set by the applicable laws and conventions.

– Damage, loss, theft, relating to the objects owned by the Traveler (for example baggage) caused by negligence or poor execution of the confirmed services, by SOS Travel or third-party.

The responsibility of SOS Travel cannot exceed the limits of the International Conventions concerning the service during which the harmful event occurred and, in any case, the measure of 30% of the value of the confirmed services for each Traveler.

– SOS Travel will not, in any case, be liable for damages, of any kind, when the negligence or bad execution of the contract is not attributable to it either through its own fault or through the fault of a third-party provider, but which are due to the ascertained failure in the execution of the contract, which: is attributable to the traveler; is attributable to a third party unre- lated to the service provider and which was unpredictable and insurmountable; is due to causes of “force majeure” or caused by an event that neither SOS Travel nor the service provider contracted by it could have foreseen and avoided, albeit with the utmost care.

– SOS Travel will not in any case be responsible for damages: consequent to the traveler’s omissions of recommendations or instructions received from SOS Travel or from the service provider contracted by it; in case of services provided by third parties and not mentioned at the time of booking confirma- tion; due to independent initiatives of the traveler.

– In case, according to the opinion of people o Institutions that have authority, such as Police, owner of the structure or staff of SOS Travel, the traveler appears unsuitable to occupy the accommodation or because the behavior held by the same is such as to disturb other customers or damage the ownership, we will be authorized to terminate the holiday agreement stip- ulated. We will not be obliged to propose an alternative stay, nor to bear the costs that may occur, nor to make any reim- bursement.

– All the services and equipment offered by us are subject to the normal terms and conditions of the service provider which are considered incorporated in the contract stipulated between the customer and SOS Travel.

The airline or the owner / manager of the accommodation reserve the right to refuse the flight / accommodation if the contractual conditions for the use of their services are not respected. In particular: Ryanair flight rules, Wizzair flight rules, flight rules of the airlines used for the trip and reported on company websites. In the event of flight delays, diversions and cancellations, the operating carrier is solely responsible for the compensation of the traveler. The customer agrees to waive claims against SOS Travel in the event that the air carrier (low cost or scheduled) does not deem it necessary to provide compensation for rea- sons of force majeure not attributable to the carrier itself. SOS Travel is not responsible for delays, diversions and cancellations of the outbound or return flight that cause the failure or partialuse of the purchased package trip.

12) Complaints

In the event that the customer is dissatisfied with the structure or service, he must immediately inform the SOS Travel staff of the reason for the complaint, in order to intervene and find a solution to the problem. In the unforeseen case in which the customer is dissatisfied upon returning from their vacation, he must write to SOS Travel the reason for the complaint within 10 days.

In the event that neither SOS Travel nor the service provider have been contacted about the dissatisfaction by the custom- ers during the holiday, SOS Travel will not accept any complaint made at a later time.

In the event that the customer decides to leave the stay earlier than the reserved time, without the explicit authorization of SOS Travel, he will lose all rights for a refund as any complaints will not be taken into consideration.

13) Prices

The published prices are based on the cost of services to the customer on the date of consultation. Daily updates make prices current, errors excepted. In the event that, before the start of the requested period, changes in the costs of the stays or services contracted by us should occur, SOS Travel reserves the right to change its prices, increasing or decreasing, depending on the variations occurred, giving immediate notice to the customer.

14) Documents for expatriation

It is the traveler’s responsibility to provide all valid and neces- sary documents for expatriation. SOS Travel declines any liability both criminal or moral for the absence of valid documents for expatriation and / or the inaccuracy of the same.

15) Laws and jurisdiction

This contract is governed by Italian law and exclusive jurisdic- tion is reserved to the Italian courts, based on the provisions of the Consumer Code. In the event of a dispute, the Court of Rome will be competent.

Your acceptance of the booking with SOS Travel will imply accept- ance of all the clauses provided for in these contractual conditions.

16) Classification of hotels and bed and breakfast Where present, the official classification recognized by the competent Public Authorities of the country to which the related service refers is shown. In addition, a quality judgment may be indicated based on the criteria established by the Organizer.

17) Insurance

SOS Travel has taken out insurance against civil liability risks with the ERGO Insurance Company Nr. 64500069. SOS Travel has taken out ERGO insurance policy Nr. 64500074 for the protection of its customers. The policy provides for the reimbursement of medical expenses, personal assistance and luggage insurance for all traveling customers, within the limit of 90 years of age.

ERGO cancellation insurance No. 64500073 is optionally avail- able to be taken out at the time of booking. Policy rules and conditions are available on the company website.

18) Period of validity

This contract remains valid until published on the website www.felix.tours. Any changes will always be made available on the company website.

19) Administrative Authorization

SOS Travel EUR of SOS Travel Srl is a Travel Agency & Tour op- erator, SCIA Lazio Region Scia Lazio Reg. GR355652. It has its registered office in Rome:

Via Vincenzo Renieri 36/38 00142 Rome (Rm), P.I and C.F. 14203921003, REA RM 1503763, Share capital € 10,000 fully paid up.

Rev. 2021/2022