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Felix Tours boasts a great experience in organizing events in Italy and abroad. We organize meetings, events and conferences for companies in the pharmaceutical, medical, automotive and public administration sectors. In these pages you will find some proposals for Rome and the Roman Castles, contact us for a customized solution.

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Day tour Roman Castles

Discover Roman Castels
Many activities throughout the year.
Corporate team building proposal to entertain the participants and strengthen the sense of belonging to the team.

Treasure hunt in Rione Monti and final dinner

Custom pack for the group
Dinner with a view of Rome
A unique opportunity in the heart of the center of Rome to make the team spirit stronger with an interactive and unconventional game. The treasure hunt will be held at the Rione Monti and participants will receive personalized material and will be guided throughout the duration of the game in a very special way. At the end there will be a final prize and an elegant three-course dinner at a rooftop in the center of Rome
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