The orange garden and the keyhole

Parks of Rome

Unique and unforgettable panorama

When Paolo Sorrentino thought of the title “The great beauty” he had certainly just looked through the keyhole of the Villa del Priorato di Malta. We can imagine that he had the privilege of skipping the line but, fortunately, with a little patience, we can all enjoy the suggestive view of the Dome of St. Peter’s from a very special perspective!

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The orange garden and the keyhole

The center of Rome at a single glance

We are on the Aventine Hill, we have walked up an ancient hill and we have arrived in the square of the Knights of Malta. We face a massive door with a small keyhole from which it is possible to look through and admire the Dome of St. Peter surrounded by the well-kept hedges of the Priory. The scenery is enchanting and in addition to the view, it is also surprising to know that, from the keyhole, three sovereignties are being observed simultaneously: that of the Vatican State, the Italian one and finally, that of the Maltese state since the Priory is an extraterritorial area.

A little further down, you can stop to admire a wider panorama of Rome from the Savello Park, better known as the Orange Garden. It stands on an area where once, in the thirteenth century, the fortress of the Savello family stood, but it was transformed into the orderly space that we now know only in 1932 when, with the new urban definition of the Aventine, it was made public.

The orange trees, rose gardens and hedges infuse a quiet and romantic atmosphere, ideal for a visit at sunset. The viewpoint offers the opportunity of enjoying a breathtaking view with the sense of having the entire city at your finger tips. All this, within easy walking distance of the Circus Maximus.

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The orange garden and the keyhole


Piazza Pietro D’Illiria

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  • The Keyhole of  the Priory of Malta
  • Orange Garden
  • Panoramic terrace