April 13, 2021

Roman Castles, a fusion of nature and history

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Today we are talking about a perfect setting for your corporate event in the Roman Castles. Whether you want to organize a conference, a meeting for your sales force or simply an event, there are many locations suitable for your goal. In the text that follows you will find some suggestions for the itinerary, we are at your disposal for any additions and changes.

Day 1

The journey begins with the arrival at Rome Termini station, where we will meet our guide, then we will move to a 4-star hotel in the area of the Roman Castles. For the occasion we propose the Villa Ferrata hotel, surrounded by greenery with a centuries-old park and swimming pool reserved for guests. The structure also boasts several rooms set up in the best way to accommodate business groups. In the afternoon there will be the first walk with the guide in the historic center of the town of Frascati, the most popular of the Roman Castles. In the evening there will be a welcome dinner in a well-known restaurant, then return to the hotel and overnight stay.

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, we will move to Albano Laziale for an itinerary among the archaeological remains of the cities present between Lake Albano and Lake Nemi, we will talk about the Parthian legion and the Cisternone, we will admire the mausoleum of the Horatii and Curiazi. Afterwards we will continue to Nemi, not before having made a brief stop in Ariccia to admire Piazza di Corte with Bernini’s works, including the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria and Palazzo Chigi.

After lunch with a view overlooking the lake we will visit the town of Nemi and the Museum of Roman Ships, followed by a short stop in Casale Marchese where there will be a wine tasting and dinner. After dinner, there is an optional tour that includes an evening in the nightlife of Rome.

Day 3

The third day is mainly characterized by two places: Grottaferrata and Castel Gandolfo. In the first, we will visit the historic center with the Greek Abbey of San Nilo, while in the second we will enter the Papal Palace, telling the story of the wonderful summer residence of the popes with breathtaking views of Lake Albano. After an excellent lunch in a typical fraschetta, in the afternoon we will return to the hotel to prepare for the gala dinner which will be served in one of the most fascinating Tuscolane villas, Villa Mondragone. For the occasion we will set up the room under the Vasanzio Portico with a view of the Water Theatre. In this unique and very prestigious venue it is possible to organize a concert, a presentation or a show upon request.

Day 4

On the last day, after checking out and depositing your luggage, optional activities will be organized, including outdoor excursions in the Roman Castles regional park. Among others, we recommend walking to Tusculum, with a short walk that can start right from the hotel and ends in the ancient pre-Roman city of Tusculum, where it is possible to visit the archaeological remains. After lunch, our journey ends in the afternoon with a transfer to Rome Termini Station.

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